Below are some comments from end of course feedback forms which are returned anonymously to allow for honesty of appraisal.

“I like the way mindfulness pulls you away from the maelstrom of your day. It’s like setting the ‘reset’ button. Thanks to the sessions, I am now better able to cope with stressful situations and to help others to do the same. I have more skills which enable me to get on with people I would otherwise have found difficult, and I have more confidence and drive to reach out to others with a helping hand or an encouraging smile.”

“Taking part in the sessions is my favourite 30 minutes of my working week! It makes me feel like I can really experience the here and now. A place where I can acknowledge how I am feeling. I know that clarity of mind is only a breath away and this gives me great comfort in my hectic life”.

“The sessions absolutely relaxed me, having had a mad few days, so it was great to find some down time in the middle of the day. It’s definitely nice to chill at lunchtime”.

“I find that the sessions have helped me to feel relaxed, calm, happy, conscious and caring of other people. They are such a lovely addition to our work days. Everyone comes out of them feeling relaxed and rested enough to continue on with their work.”

“It’s been wonderful!”

“I’m very grateful to have come across the course. The beginning of a lifetime journey”.

“A beautiful, calming space!”

“The facilitators were wonderful. I most loved how my awareness has grown to being able to feel tension neglected in my body”.

“Just to say thanks. I had an enjoyable course and learned some interesting techniques which I will put into practice. I also enjoyed hearing others’ experiences. Most especially, I enjoyed taking some quiet time away”.

“A big thank you. I will miss the course and enjoyed it very much. I am more than glad to have attended the course as I learned tools which will be so useful.”

“Genuinely useful, something that I look forward to taking with me. A very open, supportive environment to explore this work. Thank you.”

“What a rare and precious opportunity to enhance all aspects of my life. Thank you!”

“One of the most well thought out courses I have ever attended.

“The course facilitators were fantastic. I can’t thank them enough for their thoughtfulness, their lovely personalities, their authenticity. I really liked how the course was structured. It was a very useful introduction to various tools.”

“I have tried very hard to find some area of improvement, but honestly I cannot think of any recommendations”.

“I thought the teaching has something new/a slightly different perspective. What was impressive was the serene atmosphere of the teachers, the Centre and the sense of goodwill all imparted.”

“Thank you so much for this course. I loved it! It has been a pleasure to come every week in such a beautiful, peaceful place”.

“I couldn’t fault the course. It has been invaluable. Thank you so much.” 

“It was such a thorough, beautifully presented course with lots of lovely, inspiring extracts, poems etc, to reinforce the ideas. The teaching of the meditations really helped the home practice”.

“Thank you very much for a very special course”.

“The course has been really useful in consolidating a lot of what I already know and in giving me a structure on which to hang. I still battle my demons, but am a lot less self critical. Thank you for all your lovely words of encouragement”.


5 WEEK INTRODUCTION TO MEDITATION 1 February to 1st March, 6 pm to 7.15 pm Learn how to bring meditation into your life. A structured course based on mindfulness meditation. Led by an experienced practitioner from the London Centre for Mindfulness. £40 for the course payable in advance or £10 per session.FREE TASTER on Thursday,… Read More


2 DAY COMPASSION RETREAT Jamyang’s resident teacher, Geshe Tashi Tsering, will be leading a 3 day Easter Retreat on Compassion from Saturday 31 March to Monday, 2 April. This forms part of Jamyang’s spiritual programme but all are very welcome to attend. Advance booking through Jamyang website necessary. He will also be holding a 2… Read More