To help the instructors, please complete the following form as fully as you can. The information given is strictly confidential and will be seen only by the instructors. After the course, this information will be destroyed.

Please ensure you have read the information about the course and are aware of the level of commitment involved in taking part. Please consider carefully whether you are able to commit sufficiently to the programme and that this is the right time to undertake it. To gain maximum benefits, you will be required to practise at home.

Should you experience any difficulties during the course, it is important that you inform the instructors so that they can address any specific needs you may have and guide you more effectively. Please also realise that you need to take responsibility for yourself and seek your own appropriate support if necessary.

If you are unsure about any aspect of the form, please do not let this put you off applying. Just fill it out as fully as you can, ensuring you enter your contact details, and an instructor will contact you to discuss your application. Participants will not be able to join the course without completing the form and/or talking to an instructor first.

Please mark whether you would like to apply to the morning or evening course.